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I’ve got so much to do–where do I even begin?

I’m tired of relying on referrals and hustling for business.

People don’t seem to understand what I offer–what am I doing wrong?

I’m so tired of being a Lone Wolf and trying to do all of this by myself.

I’m so embarrassed to share my website!

How can I package what I offer when each client is so unique?

I spend so much time and money and I can’t tell what works.

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I love helping passionate people bring their dream businesses for the greater good to life. My clients are holistic health professionals, eco-friendly businesses, coaches, authors, artists, and inventors who come to me with nothing or need to revamp everything. While many service providers specialize in one piece of the puzzle, I learned how to do it ALL in a cohesive, branded, and strategic way after spending 20 years wearing many hats in very lean marketing departments for two large corporations.

How I can help


Tired of bouncing ideas off your cat? Yeah, me too. I offer a helpful lifeline at an affordable hourly rate whether or not you hire me for the actual work. Why? Because when I needed help everyone wanted $125-$175 an hour. Then I went searching on Facebook groups and down a rabbit hole never getting to actually TALK to someone. Sound familiar? Clients say I’m a great brainstormer, educator, and “idea factory” so let me be that person for you. The first hour is on me. BOOK IT ABOVE! 


Your brand is so much more than a logo, fonts, or colors. It’s about what you love, what you stand for, how you help others, and the passion that led you here. Brand strategy involves research and answering all the deep questions to help you stand out, defining your ideal client, and positioning you to attract them. Your brand strategy is the roadmap that will guide you every time you promote your business saving you time, money and frustration.



Here’s the fun part where all that brand strategy takes visual form! I help you convey your brand through key unique elements creating a visual toolkit you can draw from over and over again. In addition to logos, fonts, and colors my branding kits include key messages, custom icons, images and so much more for you to use in print, social media, and web design. My branding guides are like blueprints for building your site and can include sample layouts.



So many designers and web developers ask their clients to send over “all their content” so they can get started. Uhhh…what does that even mean? That means gathering all your carefully crafted copy and professionally shot photos. Oh, you don’t have those? Then you end up hiring several people–none of whom are talking to each other with your brand front and center. I ask for the facts and write with your brand voice to your ideal client with SEO in mind. I take the jargon out, develop a style that fits YOU, and keep clarity, and your story at the heart of your brand. And I have some great writers and photographers in my back pocket too!


This is where we get to really share your message with the world! Well, not just anyone–I create sites to attract your dream clients. My number one rule is that it doesn’t just sit there. It should be interactive and motivate your customers to call you, purchase your services and in short, GROW your business. It also must evolve on a regular basis. That’s why I build after the branding is defined so you don’t get on the superhighway without a knowing how to get to your destination! I pull together everything we’ve created, design pages for direction, and partner with experts for a seamless build in the industry standard web platform (WordPress).


Sadly, the days of “build and they will come” are over. When my clients say they “just need a logo” or “just need a website” I have to ask,” then what?” It’s like buying a really nice car with no gas :-(. I want you to get somewhere! I can help with email marketing or get that list started. I find out out out where your customers hang out and then, according to your budget, come up with long and short term strategies where you can see a return. I act as a coach for DIY strategies or partner with paid strategy experts providing brand direction and creative design to turn your prospects into paying customers.

My Work

Here’s a teeny sampling of my work. I am EVOLVING! In fact, I am completely rebranding as we speak, but rest assured I probably have an example of what you have in mind from logo design to every customer touch point. website featuring Firefly Light Therapy by Evolve Your Brand
Tradeshow Booth Design and Collateral for a Hearing Health Company by Gail Gonzales
Self help and memoir book cover and interior design by Gail Gonzales
Austin Allen James Fine Art and Furniture - Complete branding by Gail Gonzales of Evolve Your Brand
Complete Branding and Custom playing cards for Noble Alignments by Gail Gonzales of Evolve Your Brand
Complete branding for nonprofits by Gail Gonzales of Evolve Your Brand

Praise from clients

The highest compliment I often receive goes something like:
“That’s so perfect! I couldn’t even express what I really wanted but you nailed it!”

(happy dance ensues!

Gail Gonzales Happy Dance

“Gail provides outstanding service and reliability at a very reasonable price. She is so hard working and invested in flushing out concepts for her clients, it was a joy to work with her. She has created all the branding and materials for my new company Pure Life Organic Cleaning and I will be using her for ALL our ongoing graphic design needs. LOOK NO FURTHER, you have found the best branding specialist and designer in Austin!”

Serene Andahl

CEO, Pure Life Organic Cleaning

“I highly recommend Gail Gonzales for all her work. Gail has created all the branding for my light therapy device including my website, collateral, trade show exhibit, directed photoshoots, and designed a host of sales sheets. She also helped tremendously with the messaging and thought about all the details. She always answers the phone when I call and has yet to miss a deadline. She goes above and beyond the call of duty with ideas on how to market my medical device. Her work is a solid 10!”

Martin Bales

DAOM, Inventor, CEO, Bales Photonics

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